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light, fluffy mashed potatoes

Just in time for Thanksgiving, this recipe will remove a lot of gummy starch and make your whipped potatoes fluffy!

mixer with a whisk beater
peeler or small peeler knife
stock pot

•   4 each large russet potatoes, washed and peeled, cut into around 6 1 1/2 inch pieces (6 pieces per potato), rinsed after cutting to remove starch and placed in cold water until use...(depends on if you want leftovers (oh yes) and how many people you have, figure 1 potato to 1 person)
•   vegan milk as needed
•   good, fresh olive oil, or ,vegan butter as needed  (i'm hooked on olive oil mashers)

1.   fill up your stock pot with cold water and let the cut potatoes sit in the cold water
turn heat on high and bring water to a rolling boil
2.   turn heat down to medium and continue to light boil until a small knife will fit through the middle of the potato
strain potatoes into strainer and rinse with cold water thoroughly again (this removes more starch)
3.   place in mixer bowl and add a good 1/2 cup of vegan milk and mix with normal beaters, adding milk until combined but still a little dry
4.   add oil or vegan "butter" to your taste and mix again thoroughly, add salt and any spices you like as you test and taste
5.   when the mixture looks combined and tastes good, switch to a whisk beater and beat air into the potatoes for a a wonderful fluffed mashed potatoes

Serve with olive oil, vegan margarine or vegan butter.  Use leftovers to heat up or potato pancakes.

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