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vegan confetti bake

A great Thanksgiving side dish.  Easy, nutritious and delicious this casserole forms a crispy top and melded interior and takes on all the veggie flavors.

casserole dish
big mixing bowl
big spoon
mandoline or french knife and cutting board

•    1 medium sweet potato, medium size julienne slice
•    1 large russet potato, medium size julienne slice
•    1/2 medium onion, small julienne slice
•    2 large carrots, small julienne slice
•    1 medium yellow squash, large julienne slice
•    1 medium zucchini, large julienne slice
•    10 oz. daiya cheese shreds (any type)
•    2 TBL olive oil
•    2 TBL nutritional yeast
•    1 tsp rubbed sage
•    2 tsp thyme
•    salt, to taste
•    pepper, to taste
preheat oven to 375 degrees, wash hands

( I have tried to push this low-cost mandoline to vegans for a couple months now, and yes, its still worth it.  Its the oxo v-blade mandoline, around $40 (as of this post 2012), and a wonderful tool for the price and for all the great bakes.)
1.  Combine all sliced veggies in big bowl, add daiya, spices and nutritional yeast and mix thoroughly with hands (the daiya will hold this together and the moisture from the squash and onion will add a sauce-like texture in the middle) taste for salt and pepper before placing in baking dish
2.  Press down into casserole dish firm
3.  Place dish in oven and bake at 375 until you hear the casserole start to bubble (approx 1/2 hour, 45 minutes)
4.  Turn broiler on and broil to a nice crisp brown top

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