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had to post my version of hummus, made with fresh tahini...
use instead of mayo, margarine or cheez dips

food processor
bowl for storage

•   1, 16oz. can of chic peas drained (okay, I know i'll get a lot of grief for recommending canned chic peas, but I have tried making hummus with fresh pressure cooked chic peas (not hulled) and both my partner and I like the canned results much better, sorry)
•   1/2 cup jar peeled, sliced pimento or.. 1/2 cup skinned sliced bell pepper
•   2 tsp fresh lemon juice
•   1/2 cup fresh tahini  (in our opinion, the fresh tahini made all the difference)
•   water, as needed taste
white taste
black taste

Combine all ingredients, except salt, black and white pepper and water and mix until very thoroughly combined.  Add water, a tablespoon at a time, until you get the desired texture...light, fluffy and wonderful.  Taste for salt and peppers and add and whip one last time.

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