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hibiscus rooibos lemon on ice

I finally posted this because a friend had never had this combo.  I drink it almost daily in autumn and take it for granted that everyone does.  The combo of the "flower" taste and the "earthy" taste of the rooibos makes it a great autumn iced drink, plus, the color is beautiful.  It is soooo yummy, easy and cheap, kids will love it.

tea pot
large 10 oz. tea mug
tea steeping ball or cheese cloth
2, 10 oz. or larger glasses

•   1 1/2 Tablespoons of dry hibiscus flowers (most health food stores carry this in bulk, some brand name tea companies, but if you do not want caffeine, you should purchase the dry, cut flowers straight)
•   1 Tablespoon of rooibos (most health food stores carry this in bulk or purchase in bulk on internet)
•   2, 10oz. glasses full of ice
•   a couple slices of fresh lemon or orange or berries of choice
•   as needed...sweetener, maple syrup, agave nectar, beet sugar, evaporated cane or coconut sugar

*fill your 10oz. mug up with water, place water in tea pot and let sound off
*place the hibiscus and rooibos into tea ball and place in empty cup
*when tea kettle sounds off, pour hot water into mug and let that mixture steep around 10-20 minutes (you are making a concentrate because you will be pouring over ice)
*after the mixture is cool and you have removed the tea ball add sweetener of choice and stir and taste for sweetness (you may want a tad bit more due to the diluting of the ice)
*pour concentrate into ice glasses and garnish and mix with fresh lemon or orange or berries

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