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fast rice meal

When you do not have one item left in the frig and don't feel like running out to get fresh ingredients, this dish will work (especially now that winter is coming).

big saucepan
wooden spoon to stir
can opener for soup
1 cup of rice of choice (I used a brown, wild rice mix)
water as needed on rice directions
1 TBL light oil
1 can of Amy's low sodium no chicken noodle soup  (you can use any vegan canned soup you have on hand to make a different flavored rice)
seasonings of choice...I used some freeze dried chives and a little thyme

•   Prepare rice according to directions until cooked and firm
•   Add can of soup after rice is completely cooked and bring to boil, then to simmer.  Simmer all of the liquid out of the mixture.  Meal is complete when the mixture has thoroughly soaked in the soup

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