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vegan "pot roast"

This will hold up to any soup, stew or slow cooker recipe

Slow cooker
sauce pan
big mixing bowl
spoon to mix seitan

veggies for bottom of slow cooker
2 cups vital wheat gluten
2 TBL olive oil
1 cup soy milk (or more if needed)
1/4 cup soy sauce (or tamari)
1 TBL molasses
1 TBL brewers yeast
1/4 cup all purpose or whole wheat flour and 2 TBL of onion powder and 1 tsp garlic powder
1/4 cup pomegranate juice (it worked for my burgers, so I’m sticking to it)
Finished product, should be soaked in liquid to
 get the "pot roast" feel and taste

Toasted Flour, onion and garlic powder
  1. FOCUS...Combine white flour (not the gluten flour),  onion powder and garlic powder in sauté pan, on high heat and constantly flip and mix, on the heat and off of the heat, until nice and brown.  (Very important, this will BURN to ash in a second if you are not paying attention)  You will smell the smoke and brown/burnt flavor of the flour, onion and garlic, this is the flavor of the “pot roast”
  2. Place browned flour mixture into your big mixing bowl to cool before making the seitan
  3. When flour mixture has cooled to room temperature, add wheat gluten, brewers yeast and mix thoroughly
  4. Add olive oil, molasses, pomegranate juice , soy sauce and soy milk
  5. Mix with spoon until mixture comes together and you can knead, if too dry, add soy milk, a little at a time until this mixture is like a dry dough.
  6. place your cut up veggies in bottom of slow cooker with some water and place the entire dense dough ball of “roast” into the slow cooker, Also add around 1 to 1 1/2 cups of water depending on size of crock pot.   Pot should be filled 3/4 to top.   I would recommend that you stay in the house for long term crock pot cooking.  Have had some burning sides that need extra water, etc, so I always do this on weekends or time home just to be safe. 
  7. Cook on high all day or around 5-7 hours, much better overcooked than undercooked 
  8. Remove, cool and store in frig until ready to use in soup, stew or other "beef" analogue

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