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california potato salad

"big, bold, cold and spicy, this potato salad combines the olives and raw garlic from gilroy and the napavalley with a southern california mexican influence, just in time for summer"

big bowl for storage
cutting board and french knife for dicing
sauce pan or microwave for cooking potatoes, and frig for cooling down potatoes  (hours before making the salad)

*  1 cup pitted kalamata olives, diced into small pieces
*  6-7 medium red skin potatoes, cooked (not overcooked) and cooled to cold in frig, then diced into small bite size pieces
*  1 red bell pepper, roasted and minced (or 1 canned red pimento minced)
*  3 cloves fresh garlic, minced
*  3 TBL mrs. dash lime fiesta  (if you do not have mrs. dash, use 1 TBL ground cumin, 1TBL red chili pepper and 1 TBL of additional lime juice)
*  2 TBL olive oil
*  1 cup fresh corn (I use frozen, non-gmo, organic corn thawed)
*  1 TBL lime juice
*  washed and minced fresh cilantro to taste
*  3 TBL orange juice
*  to taste, salt (if the olives are stored in salt, make sure you taste to test the sodium level)

Combine the cold diced potatoes with all of the additional ingredients and mix in storage bowl, cover and store in frig to let flavors meld together.  Serve as a side dish with a very mild food

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