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baltimore kelp cakes

"accidentally found out that mac nuts, white wine and artichokes taste "crabby".  gluten free and soy free, these sea cakes are very "sea-tasty"

Mixing Bowl
Food Processor
Sauté pan
Heavy duty spatula

*  1/2 cup raw or roasted macademia nuts
*  1/4 cup of white wine
*  1/2 teaspoon of dijon mustard
*  3 tsps old bay seasoning (or make your own), more if salt is needed
*  3 tsps kelp powder
*  the oil from 1 broken open capsule of EPA algae (if you have it, and can spare it)
*  2 TBL italian flat leaf parsley, washed (or dry)
*  8 large artichokes (canned in water, not oil) or fresh steamed, cut and pulled.  Canned, Drained with water pressed out and sliced
*  1/2 cup garbanzo / chic pea flour

•    Place macadamia nuts, white wine, mustard, old bay, kelp and epa oil in food processor and process until very well combined and "cheese like".  Add parsley and pulse until minced into mixture.
•    Transfer the mac nut mixture into big mixing bowl and add the drained, water pressed out, diced artichokes and chic pea flour.
•    Mix with your hands until well combined. Cover and place in frig if you are not using immediately or use right away.  (This mixture may seem too wet, but the flour will hold the cakes together)
•    Taste for salt and kelp if you can stomach the raw chic pea flour
•    Fry on a non-stick surface or with a little hot oil on a well seasoned sauté pan.  Flip and let brown over medium heat.  (The chic pea flour has to thoroughly cook)

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