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tofu/seitan roast burritos

Cheese grater for grating roast
choice of slow cooker or pot
Big preparation bowl
big serving spoon
I wrote this recipe as a use of the tofu/seitan roast

grating the cooled roast
1 total         tofu/seitan roast, around 3-4#, cooled and grated
1 cup          homemade mexican salsa, or tomatoes (fresh or canned)
2 TBS        oil of your choice
1/4 cup      frozen and thawed red chili, or (if you can't find frozen)       red chili powder mixed with 1/4 cup water
2 TBL        ground cumin
1 tsp           garlic (fresh or powdered)
1 swirl       agave nectar or sweetener (or more if you like a little sweeter)
TIP....       love mrs. dash (salt free) fiesta lime for mexican food
to taste      salt or salt substitute
to taste        hot sauce or jalapenos
if you have  non-gmo corn or hominy, its great to add some to the mixture, also squash or zuccini
8-10            burrito shells or wraps of your choice
as needed   salsa or chipole aioli thinned down or both to cover burritos
as needed   Daiya cheese to melt on top if you like

Put all ingredients, except shells and topping,  into the pot (or slow cooker) and combine like a stew.  If it seems to dry, add more tomatoes, chili or water, taste and test the level of spice that you want.  If its too bitter, add a little more sweetener, if it seems too spongy dry, add a little more oil.  If its too wet, add a little cornstarch (cornstarch mixed very well with a little water) or thickener of your choice. If it is too sweet, add more chili powder.  Let cook until quite hot and use your spices as needed to your liking.
Spoon out final filling into a burrito and fold sides in, then roll.  Take  your time, you kind of have to hold everything together while rolling.  Top with your topping choices and serve

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