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mexican salsa

I wrote this recipe because canned salsa is extremely expensive and salty

food processor
cutting board
knife for cutting veges

1 can 15.5oz.
canned diced tomatoes, (or fresh is better)
4 each
green onion washed, peeled and diced (or red onion)
ground cumin
1 Tbsp
cider vinegar or lime juice
1/2  tsp
pinched up oregano
to taste
salt and pepper, hot peppers, fresh cilantro

First off, you can absolutely do whatever you want with salsa.  Wanted to give a delicious and homemade version, so that we have an alternative from buying the citric acid, vinegar and garlic ridden brands.
Second, please don’t use tons of fresh garlic in your salsa (you can if you want, but tread lightly).  I have had way too many homemade sauces that have so much garlic that it tastes like a garlic dip with no subtleties or indications of which fruit or vegetable was used. Rant, Okay Im done.
Third, use fresh tomatoes and ingredients if you have them.  If not, use the canned version.    We all know that we can substitute mangos, pineapples, green chili peppers, tomatillos, etc.  We also know that we can make not just southwest, but asian by adding ginger and soy sauce or whatever spices from the region we fancy when we are making it...Italian, basil, tomatoes, olive oil,,etc, etc
Method...Put the tomatoes in the food processor and blend until somewhat puree, but not completely pulverized.  Add your green onion, spices, whatever veges and peppers you might have laying around and pulse until it looks like a chip will hold it.

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