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scalloped potatoes

 feel free to do a low fat version of the following "high fat" classic

Chef knife, mandoline or slicer for slicing potatoes thin
Large braising pan or deep frying pan
Large casserole oven dish
Spatula and large stirring spoon
small whisk
baster (suction)

7-8 each          small to medium red skinned potatoes, sliced thin, be ready to work right away
4-6 oz.            vegan margarine or vegan butter
2-6 cups         vegan milk, I use soy, if using a really thin milk, you might have to add a little flour or thickener after the potatoes cook
keep tasting   salt (needs quite a bit, sorry)
2 tsp                garlic powder
2 tsp                mild chili powder

Preheat oven to 400
melt margarine in frying pan and keep on medium heat
add sliced potatoes and enough milk to "barely" cover the sliced potatoes and turn heat up to high
whisk up the spices in a little bit of milk and add to mixture, when milk begins to bubble or boil turn down a little bit and flip potatoes with spoon
make sure potatoes are cooked (boiled) in the milk, but not falling apart, so keep testing with a knife that they are cooked, but not mushy, could be up to 30 minutes
you might have to be adding a little bit of milk here and there
when done, transfer to casserole dish and remove some of extra milk with baster, so that its just mainly very saturated potatoes
place extra milk in a little bowl because you will be basting the potatoes with this as it bakes
check the casserole every 10-15 minutes and baste with a shot of the milk/margarine mixture
when it looks like you can cut it with a spoon, it is done
you might want to broil the top for a very brown crisp flavor

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