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easy black bean basmati burgers

Equipment:  Food Processor, Mixing Bowl, Frying Pan (the pan in the picture is a non-stick, non-teflon pan), Spatula

as needed           cooked, cooled basmati rice (or any kind of rice you have on hand, sticky might be too sticky)
as needed           cooked, cooled or canned black beans
to taste                spices, salt, pepper
to taste                veggies...broccoli, carrots, Anything you have left over
1/2                      onion
as needed           either oil of your choice or vegan butter (I use a lot to get them brown)

"I write as needed because this throw together recipe is an art and not a science.  How many burgers do you want to make?  I find that this works with around 1/2 rice, 1/2 beans, and you should keep tasting the spice level, the fat level should be high if you want to really BROWN up the burgers, sorry."

Put most of the rice, fat source, veggies, onion and around 1/4 of the beans you want to use in the food processor and pulse until coming together, but not completely mashed.

Transfer to mixing bowl and add the whole beans and bit of left over rice, keep tasting your spice level and heat level.

Fry in a little oil, or on a non-stick surface over high heat, flip until browned up....enjoy!

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