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sweet corn cream vegan butter (no soy or lecithin)

This is so good whipped up and used as whipped butter, that words cannot describe it.  The natural acids and sweetness in the corn “milk” make a gold medal butter.  Ideas of using coconut oil have come from all of the wonderful vegan chefs on the web, including the first recipe that I know of:   I have successfully used this corn butter as a replacement for “butter” in baking recipes, and will follow this recipe with a “whipped” version that is easily spreadable and downright addicting.  

I have not "doubled" this 12oz. recipe because I think the heat might "break" it and I don't want to risk wasting precious coconut oil.
Time:  Takes cooling down times of up to 1 day, takes a combined time of around 20 minutes to set up and make the “pudding”, then the actual butter.  Makes approx. 12 oz. of butter.

High power bottom blade blender (I use a vitamix)
Fine mesh strainer or nut milk bag strainer or cheese cloth
Small-medium size sauce pan
Small spoon
Small silicone whisk
Small spatula
Glass storage container with lid
Dry measuring cups

*   1 cup frozen yellow sweet corn (I use non-gmo, organic frozen corn)

*   1 cup water

*   3 level teaspoons of corn starch (again, I use non-gmo, organic, found in health food stores or on the web)

*   measure out 1/2 cup of pudding you will make from the corn milk and corn starch, stirred and cool or cold

*   3/4 cup + 1 TBL of refined coconut oil melted into liquid, room temperature (I use an organic coconut oil that is mechanically pressed).  If you do not mind a slight “coconut” taste, you can use unrefined coconut oil.

*   1/4 cup canola oil (I use organic non gmo canola oil)
*   salt to taste
Blend the frozen corn and water on high speed until you have liquid corn milk, if you need to stop the process and scrape the sides of the blender down into the liquid, do so.

Strain the corn milk out of the blender and into the saucepan, while pushing through mesh with a little spoon
Add cornstarch and a couple shakes of salt to “corn milk”

Whisk cornstarch into “corn milk” thoroughly

Turn heat on medium high and continue whisking entire mixture until this sets up as a thick “pudding”, take care to not burn the bottom while constantly whisking

Pour “pudding” into glass container, scrape sides of saucepan with spatula and let cool 5-15 minutes at room temp

Cover glass container and let “pudding” get nice and cold, approx 6 hours or overnight.

1 hour or 2 before making the butter:  heat your coconut oil up to make it liquid, then let sit until totally room temperature and not warm.

Making the butter:
“Fast and cool is the philosophy here; otherwise you risk breaking the mixture, which still tastes great, but the texture is off and oily”.

1/2 cup cool or cold “corn pudding” in the blender, add the 3/4 +1 TBL of room temp coconut oil and 1/4 cup room temp canola oil.

Blend on high speed for around 10-15 seconds, until well combined, but not so much that the heat of the blender breaks the mixture.

Pour immediately into a 2 cup glass container, cover and refrigerate until completely hardened, approx 6 hours to overnight.

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