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UNDER CONSTRUCTION-real churned corn butter

Real churned corn butter, as of 3/5/18 will report exact recipe
coming soon!!

The great part about this is that ingredients do not have to be exact,  you will go by the fluffy look
Food Processor
Small silicone spatula
Dry measuring cups
2-3 cup glass container with lid


  • 1 recipe of sweet corn cream vegan butter,(this would work with any vegan butter recipe you prefer) cut into squares and placed in food processor for around 15 minutes prior to whipping
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup light oil, use as much or little as you wish when you see the mixture fluffy enough (I use safflower and canola oil)
  • a few shakes of salt

After the sweet corn butter is a little used to room temperature, add a little salt, then oil, a little at a time, and process the food processor until you think the mixture looks fluffy enough, but not so much that the heat separates the mixture.

Transfer the mixture immediately to a glass container, scape down sides of food processor with spatula, and cover container, refrigerate.  Can take 3-6 hours to set up.

 "this is nothing like margarine it is 100x better"

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