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nut extra heavy cream (#2)

The vegan cooking world is a very exciting place compared to a decade ago.  I'm running out of things to post because most of us are getting the hang of veganizing everything.  One of the best food items right now are the nut milks and creams made in a blender (the cheeses also).  I wanted to post this simple heavy, heavy nut cream because it works so well with a pasta dish or any heavy cream-like dish or casserole--only 4 ingredients.

So many great vegan cookbooks and blogs, so little time---keep on veganizing!
Extra Heavy Almond Nut Cream on garlic Pasta Primavera with
Seitan Cutlet strips and mixed veggies

High power blender
spatula to scrape sides
sauce pan to blanch almonds (you can use cashews, or almost any nut you fancy mixed with seeds, etc.)

1 cup blanched and peeled almonds
1 -2 cups of water (maybe a little more if yours is too thick)
1/4 cup light fresh oil, I used light olive oil
to taste....salt

combine nuts, oil and 1 cup of the water and blend until becoming thick, add more water, a little at a time until very, very thick.
taste and add salt to your liking

*Add garlic, spices, fresh herbs, a little white wine or anything you see fit to make your favorite heavy cream dish*

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