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vegan chocolate fudge

Large heavy bottom (or copper bottom) sauce pan
candy thermometer
wooden spoon
plate or cookie tray for storage
measuring cups

2 cups soy milk (regular fat content, not low fat)
1 and 1/3 cups of sugar (you can sometimes find wholesome sweeteners (vegan friendly listed) sugar in bulk at a pretty low price at discount food warehouses)
2 TBL vegan margarine or vegan butter
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
1/4 cup of vegan chocolate chips (I use sunspire fair trade)


  • Use vegan butter to cover bottom of storage plate, set aside
  • Mix sugar, milk and salt in sauce pan until well combined, turn on burner to medium-low and keep stirring
  • Add chocolate into mixture, use whisk to incorporate and make sure that the chocolate is melted and mixture starts bubbling
  • Stir a little more, then turn heat down to low, add candy thermometer to side of sauce pan and stop stirring
  • This mixture will bubble and take a while (10-25 minutes) to reach the softball stage or 238 - 240 degrees on the thermometer, (I always go a tad bit lower than the 240 degrees, if the mixture gets just a bit higher in temp the entire batch seizes up and becomes a rock hard brittle mess)
  • Once the mixture reaches 238, turn heat off, remove sauce pan from stove and set aside
  • Add the vanilla and vegan butter to the mixture, let cool down a little bit and start stirring until thick and looks like you can pour this mixture out on a plate and it will become fudge
  • Finally, pour and spoon out onto buttered plate and let sit at room temp, cover and place in frig, or cut into bars and place in frig.

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