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chinese garlic broccoli and tofu

Sauce:  saucepan, wooden spoon, whisk, small bowl for slurry
Stir fry:  wok or large, well seasoned sauté pan, wooden spoon, tongs 

plan your meals ahead of time and have a week of asian delights by preparing the sauces, tofu and cuttings
•  2 cups bite size broccoli florets, washed
•  1/4 cup of green onions, sliced, or...chopped white onion
•  1 cup of extra firm tofu, either deep fried or slowly dehydrated  (tofu will not fall apart using these methods)
•  1 preparation of asian garlic brown sauce
•  1 cup of cooked rice of choice to serve over


Have your broccoli, tofu and sauce ready to go.  

Many asian restaurants use oil that has been sitting and marinading with garlic, green onion and fresh ginger.  Most markets now sell stir fry oil and it is usually very good.

Have the wok, grill, or sauté pan, extremely hot and ready to sear your items in a tiny bit of oil, if not burning hot, water from the veggies will go into the sauce and make the sauce watery.  Also, be ready to move the veggies around with a big heavy duty spatula, or by flipping the saute pan.  This is the reason you often see burn marks on stir fry.

Place the sauce on at the last second before you plate the dish!

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