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slab tempeh "bacon"

sauce pan
sauté pan
strainer / colander
heavy duty spatula
big bowl for mixing
stovetop smoker (use liquid smoke if you do not have)
applewood and hickory chips for the smoker
Makes great "BLTs"
•  1 8oz. package of tempeh of choice (or make your own, under “tempeh” on this blog)
•  1/2 cup rice flour
•  1 tsp salt, or more to taste
•  3 TBL liquid sweetener (I use agave nectar)
•  oil or vegan shortening for frying
Method: (wash hands)
* crumble up package of tempeh with your hands, place in saucepan and cover with water, bring to boil and turn down to simmer for around 5 minutes
* strain tempeh of all water and place in mixing bowl
add rice flour, salt and sweetener to bowl and mix with hands thoroughly
Cut into tiny pieces for salads, dips or any recipe that calls for "bacon"
* heat up sauté pan, add around 1/4 cup  oil or vegan shortening until nice and hot
* form tempeh mixture into flat patties and place onto hot pan to brown and crisp up
* turn heat down to medium and let brown and crisp, while flipping with spatula
* when you are all done frying/crisping set aside
•  get your smoker ready (or make your own) (I have a small electric burner that I plug in outside, using an extension cord, then place the stovetop smoker on the burner.  You do not want smoke in your house or apartment).
•  set-up your smoker, mixing the wood chips, then place the tray on top
•  place the patties on the smoker tray (if you do not have enough room, slice each patty in half)
•  smoke on medium heat (or use direction from your particular smoker) for around 10 minutes, turn burner off and let sit in smoker until cooled down to warm
•  taste a piece of the slab for flavor and if you agree with the flavor, cover and store.  If not, you might need a little salt or sweetener on top (the picture has a little agave nectar on top of the slabs)

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