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chinese sesame crispies

Wok or large well seasoned sauté pan
tongs to lift crisps out of wok oil
wooden spoon
plate with clean towel for storing crisps after frying

Batter for crisp frying:
as needed..rice flour
as needed..water
1 TBL baking powder

Ingredients for entrée:
•  1/2 cup light oil for frying
•  1 pkg of gardien crispy tenders, cooked, not overcooked and cut into 3 pieces per tender  (or you can use homemade seitan or glutenfree seitan if you like.  Recipes for both are listed under seitan in this blog).
•  1 recipe of sesame crisp sauce
•  sesame seeds to cover
•  bite size veggies to accompany the meal (I used red bell pepper, snowpeas and green onions)
•  cooked brown or white rice to accompany the meal
•  toothpicks if using as appetizers

•  heat the oil in wok until very hot, but not so hot that it will burn the crisps.
•  eyeball this batter to see how much you will need.  For 1 pkg of gardein mix around 1 cup rice flour, add the baking powder and water until you can dip and cover, consistency of pancake batter
•  dredge each piece of seitan (gardein is seitan also) into the rice batter and fry in batches of around 4-5 pieces until crispy and light golden brown, use tongs to flip and remove pieces and place on clean towel to remove any leftover oil,  set aside
•  get the sesame sauce out of the frig
•  place the hot rice of the bottom of the plate
•  once you have all of your seitan cooked and set aside, you can clean your wok, then stir-fry the remaining veggies if using (in a very small amount of oil, or dry fry), add the seitan crisps and cover and mix with sesame crisp sauce until heated, cover with some sesame seeds and plate immediately.  Enjoy!!

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