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vegan garden cheez crisps

Cheez crisps are a delicious, heavy and filling crisp for salads, mini pizza crusts or snacks.   Many recipes should rise from this simple method in the future.  Stay tuned!


  • Non-stick sauté pan, or a very well seasoned sauté pan  (there are many non-teflon sauté pans available nowadays)
  • heavy duty spatula

No need to add salt / sodium to anything these crisps are paired with
Fresh herbs washed and minced, your choice
tiny amount of oil  (or a little more oil if using a well seasoned cast iron pan)

place a very small amount of oil (1/2 tsp) on non-stick sauté pan,  or place small amount of oil on well seasoned cast iron pan and heat on very high until pan is nice and hot

Place a thin layer of Daiya cheese on sauté pan, place your herbs on top and when it starts to bubble up, use spatula to push into round and slide under until you can flip.
This is daiya cheddar, same thing happens with "mozzarella"

Turn the heat down to medium and let crisp up until nice and brown on both sides.  This may take up to 10 minutes.

Let cool to room temp, slice to your liking if using in salads or for snacks, and store in frig

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