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vegan breakfast hash

French knife (there are some excellent youtube videos on how to use a french knife for cutting vegetables, great skill to obtain as a vegan)
heavy duty spatula
Large saute pan
You can prepare all of these vegetables a day or two before you want to serve, then just mix together and serve. If you are using different vegetables, that is fine, just make sure the moisture level is not going to turn this into soup (mushrooms, for instance should have the moisture cooked out of them, tomatoes should be added as you plate the dish) 

gluten free, soy free, nut free

1 TBL oil of your choice (or you can dry fry for low fat)
1 red pimento (I used peeled, jarred pimentos)
1/4 small onion, diced
1 cup broccoli, cleaned and cut into small bite size pieces
1/2 of a zucchini, cleaned and cut into bite size strands or pieces
2 carrots, using a peeler for nice strands
a few spinach leaves, washed and stemmed
1/2 cup of polenta breakfast sauce to cover
Let the oil heat up in the saute pan and place all ingredients in, except for potatoes, spinach and sauce.
Cook over high heat until the moisture from the pimentos is starting to loosen and cook the broccoli and zucchini.
Add the potatoes after all of the other veggies are cooked, using the heavy duty spatula to keep the potatoes from sticking to the pan.
Throw the raw spinach into the mix after the potatoes cook for around 2 minutes and seconds before you plate the dish.
Turn out onto plates and drizzle with hot polenta breakfast sauce.

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