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philly italian hoagie

“This sandwich is all about the roll that you use.  It also does not hurt to get the onions as thin as possible.  This is also a very spicy sandwich.   I have attached an easy french bread youtube video recipe for those of you who don’t have a good vegan french bread available.  The roll is everything and should be somewhat firm on the outside and soft on the inside, and if you have never said WOW after eating a sandwich roll, you have never experienced a  great roll.  I was overjoyed to learn that I could make a great bread with 10 minutes of labor.  I also use the same method for my pizza dough.”

Long bread slicing knife
deli slicer or french knife for slicing onions, etc.


1 each  french baguette, cut to whatever size you want
as needed  vegan mayonnaise (Vegannaise or Nayonnaise)
as needed  vegan pepperoni
as needed  vegan capicola or vegan ham (I used Ives, but you can use any version or make your own)
as needed  white onion, sliced as thin as you can get
as needed  iceberg or romaine lettuce shredded to cut and layered into sandwich
as needed  olive oil
as needed  tabasco sauce
as needed fresh, thinly sliced, tomato
pinches of  dry oregano
pinches of  ground black pepper
Slice the roll lengthwise and put the mayonnaise on (you can use Italian dressing instead of mayo, if you prefer), layer the pepperoni on one side of the roll, the vegan ham on the other side, then push down your lettuce with your slicing knife, add onions and tomatoes and push all down with the slicing knife.  Finally add the olive oil, tabasco, oregano and black pepper

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