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This is not your ordinary, add a little vinegar to silken tofu type schmear.  This schmear is the real thing.  Better than any store bought spread.  So good it should be illegal...well,  you get the picture.
This is a time intensive recipe, unless you have a constant supply of vegan yogurt.  If you make your own yogurt (and you should, its easy) this is a breeze.  I would like to thank Miyoko Schinner from Miyoko's Kitchen for the original yogurt recipe (her original recipe comes from Artisan Vegan Cheese or a youtube video online).  The idea of "trial and error" in creating this schmear comes from Miyoko's recipes in her AVC cookbook.  Onto the recipe:

This is the original probiotic I use to make yogurt

Schmear can be used for Spreads, Bagels, Italian food, As a "puffy liquid cheese", On baked potatoes, As sour cream and a really excellent Egg Substitute

(Money Saving Tip:  I use Kirkland (Costco) plain soy milk (plus cashews) to make vegan yogurt.  I use less cashews than Miyoko states in yogurt recipe, this is probably due to starch in the Kirkland Soymilk.  Turns out wonderful.) 

Yogurt maker (I use a eurocuisine YM100), glass container with lid that holds 3-4 cups, bottom blade blender (I use Vitamix), silicone spatula

*  1/4 cup of soy milk soaked cashews, soak an hour or so at room temp (rinse the cashews with water before soaking in the soymilk)
*  1/2 cup of soy milk room temperature, I use kirkland (Costco) and it turns out fine
*  2 TBL of homemade yogurt (Miyoko's) (plain, no additives)
*  canola oil, as needed
*  1 1/2 tsps of salt

add soy milk soaked cashews, soy milk and salt to blender, blend until incorporated.  

add the yogurt and then add appox 1/4 cup of oil to blender and blend until thick.  

if it doesn't "set-up" like mayonnaise, add another 1/4 cup oil and blend until its really really thick somewhat like mayonnaise.  (you might have to use a little more oil, or a little less to get the "mayo" thickness).

use spatula to get all of the mixture into the glass container.  Place uncovered container in yogurt machine and let culture for around 2-4 hours.  Keep tasting it every 40 minutes or so after the first hour (it can get a little TOO cultured).

put lid on and refrigerate until completely chilled.   Dry the liquid from lid before 1st use.  Mix before using to get air bubbles out and some of that lactic acid in.  Thats it, its wonderful!!!  In my experience, this has kept a few weeks (or longer, although we eat this stuff pretty fast)

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