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breakfast potato skins

This is a mexican style appetizer / breakfast made with scrambled (either polenta or tofu), mock chorizo, potato "cheez", salsa and vegan sour cream.

French knife
cutting board
bottom blade blender for "potato" cheez sauce
saute pan
tongs or "chef hands"
baking sheet
Wrap and refrigerate

Ingredients...(assemble the day before and refrigerate your ingredients, then throw together for breakfast)

*   One serving of "all time best cheez" from this blog.  This is a potato / oil based nacho cheez with added pickled red chili peppers, the juice from pickled pimentos and jalapeños.
Wrap and refrigerate

*   One serving of scrambled polenta or scrambled tofu, mixed with around 8 oz. of mock chorizo seitan.
Wrap and refrigerate

*  Bake or microwave up to 5-6 russet potatoes.  When throughly cooked, let cool to room temperature and refrigerate until cool.  Slice potatoes each lengthwise, and scoop out a bit of potato to just have the "skins" and around 1/2" of potato next to the skins.  Slice each lengthwise side in half after removing inside.  (wrap, refrigerate and save the inside for the all time best cheez or hash browns or twice baked potatoes)

*   Diced fresh tomatoes, green onions and cleaned and rinsed cilantro

*   Oil for sauté 

Method....Preheat oven to 350 

Heat up your tofu/polenta mixture and your vegan cheese sauce until warm or hot--set aside

Heat up around 1/2 cup oil in sauté pan until very hot (you are going to somewhat deep fry the potato skins).  Place the COLD, refrigerated potato slices in the hot oil (watch for splatter).  Using tongs, flip the potatoes after they have fried crisp.

Place fried potato skins on baking sheet, using a spoon add a healthy mixture of the polenta or tofu scramble to each skin.  When that is complete, cover with the "cheez" sauce and bake until hot and bubbly (around 15-20 minutes).

Garnish with diced tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and vegan sour cream.

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