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vegan milk and cream

Western culinary schools are still stuck in France in the 1600s, but not us vegans.

I  wanted to post my experience with years of blending different plant based  liquids.  Since an animal's breast milk is made of protein solids, water, fat, sodium and "sugars", we can make vegan milk with the same ingredients coming from plants.  I was surprised to learn from a nutrition lecture that there are large amounts of sodium in an animal's breast milk.  We all know that an animal's cream has tons of fat, so the addition of fats or less water makes thick and rich vegan cream.

The best part is that you really do not need a specific recipe--you can make the liquid according to the consistency you like or prefer.  EXPERIMENT--most of these milks can be made raw with the exception of "soy" and "chic pea" and "sesame".  Certain raw blended plant foods are "bitter" tasting and require cooking after blending.  Certain plant food milks are starchy without fat and may require a little oil or an addition of a few nuts or seeds or a shake of salt.

Here are some milks I have made and how they taste to me:
Equipment:  bottom blade blender, mesh strainer and a glass container that is shakeable for cold storage.
(some of these need a sauce pot to simmer)

sesame--okay, so so
quinoa--very good, needs simmering
raw white buckwheat--very good
macadamia nut--very good--oily, can be mixed with a veggie milk
coconut--very good
cauliflower--very good but thick
soy--very good, needs simmering
chic pea--very good, needs simmering
corn--good but sweet, needs simmering
cashew--very good
almond--very good
white asparagus--very good
banana--good but sweet
oat--very good but thick
rice-okay, so so
walnut-oily, I usually mix with a veggie like cauliflower
pecan-oily, I usually mix with a veggie like potato
potato-starchy, I usually do a half/half potato/oily nut or seed like walnut or sunflower 

NO RULES FOR VEGANS…if you do not need to stick to "white" milk for presentation, you can use pistachio, roasted nuts, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, etc for casseroles and smoothies.

Now that you get the idea, you can mix and experiment and come up with your very own favorites!
Happy blending.

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