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cheezy potato blintze cake

big stainless steel bowl
big sauté pan
cutting board

•   1 large russet potato, baked
•   4 oz. of washed, sliced mushrooms
•   2 TBL olive oil
•   2 TBL of diced pimentos
•   8oz. of  daiya cheese
•   1/2 tsp garlic powder
•   salt to taste  (the cheese has sodium so watch out)
•   black pepper to taste
bendable, delicious...flatten with spatula

*  sauté the washed mushrooms in a little olive oil until the moisture is released, set aside
*  mix the inside of the baked potato, mushrooms, pimentos and spices (not cheese) in big bowl
*  heat your sauté pan up and add a big circle of daiya cheese until bubbling
place a little of the potato mixture on top of the cheese and in the middle and flip until brown on top
*  use the spatula to flatten

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