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almond heavy cream

Sauce pan
Big stirring spoon
bowl for storage
measuring cups
Use for heavy cream sauces and dessert cream sauces
1 cup of blanched in boiling water (skinned, peeled) almonds
3/4 cup of soy milk
2 TBL tapioca flour
as needed, salt
as needed, water


  1. place peeled almonds in blender with soy milk and tapioca flour, mix on high and continue to mix and mix until thoroughly blended and consistency of heavy cream (will have a heavy coat on the end of a spoon)
  2. taste for salt, and, add water if it is too thick
  3. place in sauce pan and heat on high until starting to bubble (will start up the tapioca starch), mix with heavy spoon and turn heat down to medium while constantly stirring
  4. after around 3-4 minutes, take off of heat, stir very well and let sit to room temperature
  5. transfer to bowl, cover and refrigerate

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