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tofu lettuce wraps

french knife
cutting board
wok or heavy duty sauté pan
tongs for lifting
wooden spoons for tossing

Prepare tofu, veggies and sauce ingredients a day in advance, then just toss together and serve

1 , 16oz. container of extra firm tofu, dehydrated without marinade and cut into small 1/2" x 1/2" pieces
1 oz. light oil with minced garlic and ginger added
4 oz of small cubed water chestnuts
4 oz of small cubed celery
4 oz of small cubed white onion
4 oz of sliced green onion
4 oz of washed, cubed (broccoli or asparagus or green, red pepper)
8 oz. of washed, cubed mushrooms
1 recipe of chinese brown sauce with extra cornstarch slurry until the sauce is pudding like thick, add hot sauce to your liking
1 head of large lettuce of your choice, washed and pulled apart to wrap

*  heat up wok with oil until very, very hot, add tofu and vegetables (without mushrooms), toss together in hot wok until very hot, add mushrooms and toss another minute or so
*  add very thick chinese sauce to the wok mixture until it looks like it is ready to serve  (the reason we want the sauce extremely thick is because the mushrooms will add moisture to the mixture and we normally do not have the heat levels professional restaurants have in home kitchens to burn off the moisture) 
*  plate and serve with the lettuce leaves

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