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"milk" chocolate "buttercream" cups

If you are not into the expensive equipment (Santha Wet Grinder), labor intensive methods and long waiting periods to make real, non-waxy chocolate, I am posting this shortcut for those of us who long for a good, creamy, vegan white chocolate or “milk” chocolate.


Double Boiler or Microwave Oven
Big stainless steel mixing bowl
Sauce pan
Baking tray
Mini cupcake cups/wrappers

Ingredients and Methods for 1. Pudding   2. “Buttercream”
1.  Pudding:
*   1/2 cup of soy milk (or vegan milk of choice)
*   to taste...agave nectar or sweetener (remember, this has to be very, very sweet because you will be adding unsweetened fat)
*   1 or 2 tsp vanilla extract
*   1 level TBL of corn starch or potato starch
Heat the milk in sauce pan, add sweetener, vanilla and starch and whisk together on medium heat until the liquid thickens and forms pudding.  Take off heat, place pudding in stainless steel mixing bowl and let cool to room temperature.

  1.  “Buttercream”
1/2 cup of vanilla pudding at room temperature
2 TBL of melted cocoa butter/ cacao, cooled, but not solidified  (if you do not have this, you can make the chocolate cups without, although this is highly recommended)
as needed...vegetable shortening (I use spectrum, organic vegetable shortening, non-hydrogenated) I say “as needed” because once the mixture whips up, you can stop using the shortening
1 TBL cocoa, or more the darker you want the chocolate cup 
Start whipping the pudding with the mixer and add the shortening, 1 heaping teaspoon at a time, until the mixture whips up into a “buttercream” frosting.  Add cocoa powder if you are making “milk” chocolate.  Add the cooled but melted cocoa butter last, and whip into the frosting.  Taste to make sure it has enough sweetener.  Use to frost cake, or, place spoon size dollops of the frosting into mini cupcake cups and place in freezer.  When “set” place in refrigerator in airtight bag on container. 

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