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asian market products

While stocking up on some fresh tofu, yuba, wonton wrappers, rice wrappers, seaweed and noodles, I noticed frozen vegan "shrimp, crab, scallops, cod fillets".  I believe that the market had a lot of these items in stock and were almost sold out by the time I arrived!!  Popular, who knew.

These items are from H-Mart in Aurora, Colorado.   Denver is a small to medium-size city (for U.S. standards) at best, so, if you live near a city, have a big freezer, and can find an Asian grocery, you can ask them to please carry these vegan items. (that is if you are into vegan seafood analogues)  They get 10 stars for texture and 8 stars for taste, they contain kelp extract and are very sea-tasty.

the shrimp and crab are imported from taiwan, and the bean curd "yuba" is my all time favorite vegan protein item to date

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