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mexican "pulled" yuba

big mixing spoon
french knife and cutting board
small slow cooker, or,saucepan
1 each ,  16oz. pkg. of bean curd aka yuba or soy skin (pictured), thawed and cut into strips (FRESH IS HARD TO FIND, BUT WORTH THE TROUBLE, ASIAN MARKETS in big cities)  --OR---you can usually find dry sheets in any asian market and soak, marinate until wet--or--you can make yourself from soy milk, or dried soy beans, many recipes on the web--or--if you have a local Japanese restaurant, you may want to go in, talk to the chef, and see if you can order some fresh.  I stock up on this from a big Asian market and freeze until use.
Alternately, you can use "BEYOND MEAT" strips the same exact way as yuba
2 TBL light oil
4 oz. of tomato sauce or red chili sauce
2 TBL onion powder (or fresh diced onions)
3-5 TBL of mexican seasonings (I used Ms. Dash lime fiesta, cumin, mild chili powder, pinch of oregano) taste the sauce before placing the yuba in the slow cooker to see if  you like the flavoring
to taste, salt, sweetener and hot sauce
place the tomatoes, spices and oil into the bottom of a small slow cooker (or you can use a saucepan), mix well with a spoon
slice the yuba or beyond meat into shreds, as long and thick, or short and thin, as you wish
place the yuba/ Beyond Meat into the tomato/ spice mixture and mix very, very well with tongs
let slow cook or cook in saucepan until hot

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