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ginger green bean snacks

Healthy Snack

steamer or pot to quickly boil beans
 big bowl to store beans
plastic wrap to cover

1 pound of rinsed green beans, with stem removed
1 TBL tamari or soy sauce
2 TBL canola oil or light oil
3 - 4  tsp minced ginger
"swirls" of agave nectar to taste - or  -
brown rice syrup or maple syrup
(the reason I use "swirls" is that I do not want you to waste this sticky stuff to a measuring spoon.  Most of it would stick to a measuring spoon, so I perform trial and taste)

Place all ingredients, except beans, into bottom of bowl and mix together well.
Steam batches of green beans (or blanch in boiling water) until they turn bright green, do not over steam or overcook, then, place in strainer and rinse with cold water so that they do not continue cooking
Place cooked beans in bowl on top of dressing and mix well.
Refrigerate and periodically toss the bowl around so that the dressing gets evenly distributed.

Use as a side dish, salad or for snacking on all day long:--))

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